it takes two to tango, darling.

Eleonora. 19. Italian.

Chris Colfer・Darren Criss・Hayley Williams・Jeremy Davis

OTPs:Klaine & CrissColfer

not Chillarren or other ships involving my OTPs friendly

The Kurt to my Blaine ♥

~Main fandoms: Glee; Paramore; Doctor Who. web hit counter

"Chris [Colfer] and I are both very passionate about our own personal projects. I don’t know how he does it. Chris is always busy on set, in the corner with his computer, writing down the next chapter of his next book. I just sleep a lot. That’s when I have a lot of good ideas.”


Have you ever watched the show in their language? 

janemarielynch: #GleeAlong @DarrenCriss wettin’ his whistle 

What would you say to yourself as a 14 year old boy, if you had the chance?

CrissColfer Week - day 5: Glee Live

"Lea is reading twitter messages to Corey. Im sitting across from Diana. Anything I should tell her? Or I could shout something to Chris…” (x)

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